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I went in for a consultation with an orthodontist that specializes in Invisalign, and I got a number- $5000. Kind of unattainable, but not impossible. Worst case scenario, I have to save a lot this year. However, I’m looking at possibly moving into a job soon that will have some dental coverage, so that may open up new opportunities.

Dentists have quite a racket

I mean, how many people do you go up to and say, “Here’s a ridiculous amount of money. One hour of mind-numbing pain and discomfort, please.”? For good or ill, my parents were never onboard with the whole dentist thing for me or my sisters. Probably due to the cost. So, while I’ve taken good care of my teeth since I was old enough to recognize the importance, mine are still in need of some work. The biggest issue will probably be getting my wisdoms out. I have one tooth that’s noticeably crowded out of its proper alignment, and I don’t think there’s room for it till I get that done. Beyond that… I dunno. Guess we’ll see. Don’t have the money for anything now, in any case.

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