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Complete Group Home Paperwork

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Life Happens and Things Change

Don’t want to do the group home with children anymore. Want to do one with adult women. Something to help them better themselves and get off the system. I have to think this through and come up with a plan. It may be a few years coming, but I’m going to make it work!

Moving Forward

Been purchasing small items as needed. There are several things that will have to take place before this is a reality. For instance,
entire yard trees cut off house
washer and dryer
window in bathroom
faucet in tub
fire alarm system
painted inside
tenants moved

And It Begins Again

Met with someone that’s going to guide me through this process. There are some things that need to be done so I am going to slowly get them done. I don’t know how long Leslie will be in the home, but when she leaves I want a smooth transistion to the group home. Taking it weekly to get everything done.

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