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Monday Blue?

Are you feeling Monday blue?

You are not imagining..

(Hee, this link was sent to me about 3 yrs ago by a Taiwanese friend..I thought was pretty cute and so have since saved it in my email archive!:))

Our own version of superheroes!

Saw this on our T.V. guide, thought was quite funny..so I scanned the page and sharing this with you =)

These are the things that somewhat making fun of our lifestyle here!

Supperman(aka superman)-We eat out all the time, 24/7, and it’s very common to see us still eating out at 3,4 am in the morning and have our “supper”!! Hence, the name “supperman”!

Hawkerman (e people who managed the hawker stalls)-Hawker stalls are the outdoor eateries, a common scene here.

The incredible blog(aka Incredible hulk)-Yap, like the description on the comic, blogging is one of our fav hobbies. Just don’t let us see you writing rubbish or nonsense about us, “you won’t like me when I am angry and I’ll become The Incredible Hulk” lol…Meaning ; don’t mess with us with your nonsense or else we will fire back lol

EX-Men(aka X-men)- though we are not as crazy as Thailand, it’s still not rare to see “women” here who are transvestites or “lady boy”, hence the Ex-men (formally men)!

Neow-woman (aka cat woman)-”neow” is local slang for cat, it could also means picky. We are a society that placed high regards on education and academic achievement. Hence, the pic has illustrated on the annoying habit of how some parents here are like neow woman, very picky on their kids, all for the sake of excellence and perfection!

P.S. Sorry, translation here- The supperman is speaking English with a mixture of Malay =) ..Prata is our local india dish. “Kosong” is empty or nothing inside. “Satu” is one and “Dua” is two.


Woohoo, I have finished my first written thesis yesterday, whew!..And one more paper coming up for this end of June..But for now, the class is going to destress and we are meeting up for a social gathering, which is sometimes next week! Check out this cool aerial shot my classmate has sent me on our meeting pt! And this is his funny email invite message below :-)

“Hi everyone,

as mentioned earlier, i like to reward us all with an afternoon of wargh! gaming. you are welcomed to bring your spouse, kids, bf, gf along to enjoy the day on 17th June from 2pm @ Fort Canning. please see the attached map for the actual location. Please let me know how many people would be participating so i can prepare the gear.

is it safe?
yes! very… if you take reasonable care and not attempt stunts that would be mission impossible to do. there are no projectiles so you will not be physically hit.?the ‘laser’ from the guns are infrared beams so you wouldnt even feel any heat.

you are welcomed to dress up in army clothes or dress down in bermudas, up to you. for those with “tao hu” skin, wearing a pair of tights or jeans may help you avoid scratches.

who can play?
anyone that can walk around and carry the gun can play. for younger kids and older folks, i have lighter and smaller guns for you to use.

do i need to pay?
nope. foc. :)

please email me if anyone has any questions. else lets see you all there! :)

andy “

P.S. He didn’t forget to promote his new “wargh! gaming” paint ball gaming co at the same time :-)

And P.S. again, “tao hu” meaning tofu in Singlish, therefore tao hu skin either means you have very soft or tender skin, or could also means flabby skin :P

What I am munching on now ;)

This is what’s keeping me alive now ..In my kitchen, Oei! Pringles! Though my all time favourite is still the original flavor but my latest discovery is the “Grilled Shrimp & Pepper” flavor!! SO good…you all should try it! Highly recommended! :P

Aargh..so stressed out now..have to finish up the 15-pages long thesis for my org. psychology graduate study by end of this month.. I’m only half way done, no good..Ok back to my writing again!..Forgive me anyone if I am not going to be too active on this site for a while :)

I just caught this interesting news

Singaporean artist and her balloon debut at Cannes Film Festival

Click onto the DAILY news video(on e right hand side) if you like to hear what Singaporean accent sounds like :)

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