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I’m back to 127, I was up to 133..need to keep focused

5.5 lbs

5.5 pounds in 18 days I am becoming a fat mammal….14.5 pounds to go…

4 lbs.

up 4 lbs. in 8 days, sure some of it is fat but I need fat on my frame, I just feel more solid 16/bs. to go…consistent eating is the key…every 3 hours…

up 2.5 lbs in a week

I simply added a breakfast shake in the morning, actually in the shower so I drink it as I’m half asleep, I have a whey shake at 10 and again at 3 pm. lunch and dinner are the same, and a little more food just before bed time…I’m sure it’s almost all fat because I only lifted once last week…I promised myself not to weigh myself for a month but my wife goaded me into it, she looked at the weight not I, I did tell her only to tell me if I gained some weight…2.5 lbs man…I can reach my goal of 20lbs in th 12 weeks…yeah You must eat, eat, eat and eat everyday….it’s the only way I never thought I could do it, I have been the same damn weight for years….


so I smoke, and I’m trying like almost every other smoker to stop, so here’s the idea… when I quite smoking I can count on weight gain and a longer life I need to work more of goals so that they overlap like this….thanks to Argh for the idea

next week

I plan on starting the wieght training part of my plan next week…


I have increased by intake by 500 calories a day…but I ended up puking on Sunday morning, I think I overloaded my body…I’m still having a hard time getting breakfast down…coffee, cigs no problem real food issue..

gotta eat breakfast

I need to wake up earlier so I can stomache breakfast, snacking going ok and so are the whey protein shakes.


eating is the hardest part to gaining leam muscle mass…I’ve increased my caloric intake by 700 caloires started drinking milk at every meal and really eating good breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snacks this time, got my whey protein shake handy…here we go 20 pounds in 12 weeks…well it’s a goal at least.

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