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From 43things! Told that I thought he was attractive, hot, smart and witty! He is! No lie! I am sure he gets complimented a lot!

Cute dimples!

I said to a man and he was kind of embarrassed! Is that bad?


He is so loving, sweet and thoughtful when it comes to his daughter. He is like that with everyone, but more so when it comes to her. When he lovingly recalls going camping with her or biking or completely little projects, u can hear how much he loves her. His love is so unconditional! He treats her like a little adult instead of a child. I hope one day she realizes how much her daddy loves her and how extremely lucky she truly is! I tell him as much as I can how great a dad he is! He just brushes it off and laughs, but I know the bond they have is a really great one!

2. Thomas

My friend Thomas has very nice hands and his hands are sooo soft! he said it is cos he doesn’t have to do anything manual and that is a bonus of being a composer. Must be of my exes was a composer and he had beautiful fingers and very soft hands too!

1. WilliamTan

I gave WilliamTan more than one compliment about his body on different occasions. Gosh, it just dawned on me that i just treated him like piece of meat! I shouldn’t do that cos I know what it feels like getting compliments about your body. But I couldn’t help it! His torso is there all the time! Hey! I am NOT complaining! Here I am over analyzing….I gave him a couple nice compliments and I am sure he did not take it the wrong way as if I was ogling him! Yeah,,,I think I should be quiet now…..I am putting my foot in my mouth! But i meant what I said..his body is very distracting…

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