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speak spanish fluently

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So I’ve been totally remiss in accomplishing this goal. But I do have a Spanish phrase of the day calendar! And I’m going to Guatemala in June for a couple of months to attend a language school. Immersion is the way to go, si?


So this speaking spanish fluently thing isn’t working out so great. My friend said to me yo tengo hambre and I responded Quien? See I thought she had just said that she had a boy. Of course I asked who and she looked at me quizacally. Until she told me hambre meant hunger and proceeded to laugh at me. So beware! Hambre vs. Hombre a pitfall for those trying to remember spanish from the foggy depths of their memory.


I will possibly have a very hot Argentinian man staying in my home for a couple weeks. Hola espanol! Plus I’ve always wanted to be able to speak it fluently instead of the bits an pieces I know.

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