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Earn a Black Belt in Karate

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2nd kyu

Passed another level of brown belt last week! 2 more tests until my black belt…

3rd kyu (1st degree brown belt)

This past weekend I took (and passed) my 3rd kyu (1st degree brown belt test).

4th kyu

The last weekend in March I passed my 4th kyu (2nd degree purple) test. Next up: brown belt.

5th kyu

I’ve recently transferred to a new dojo, having moving out of state, but before I left my old dojo I took my 5th kyu test and passed. Fortunately, my new dojo accepted my old rank and I am 5 tests away from achieving shodan (black belt). Only 4-5 more years of hard training until this goal will be accomplished.

6th kyu

Over the weekend, I passed my 6th kyu (green belt test). Now I’m officially considered an intermediate belt, which is a bit daunting. Two weekends ago I also competed in my second karate tournament and placed third in my division in kumite. I am so glad I have added karate to my life!

7th Kyu

I passed my 7th kyu (orange belt) test last Saturday. It’s hard to believe that 6 months ago I didn’t even know how to through a punch!

8th Kyu

Yesterday I passed my 8th kyu (yellow belt) test. I have a long way to go on this goal, but I’ve also come a long way considering I didn’t even know how to throw a punch properly 3 months ago!

Starting from the beginning

I just joined a dojo near my home on a 3 month trial membership. I’m starting out as a white belt, as I’ve never done any form of martial arts before. This is something I’m really excited about trying and it will be a completely new experience.

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