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cut off my hair


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sungoddess has written 2 entries about this goal

So the deed is done...

I’ll have to get some pictures of it as evidence for the archives, but I did the deed. I cut off all of my hair.

I am now shorn close to the scalp. I still have one more haircut to go before all the dye is off my head for good, but for the most part all the locks and most of the dye is gone.

I’m glad. I have a case of dandruff in one part of my head I think I can now deal with effectively.

Of course, there is this weird feeling of being exposed. After seven years of thick padding ‘pon top my head, it’s a little weird having nothing between my scalp and the rest of the Universe.

I must also say the whole deed was done with no emotional feeling whatsoever. I did it almost ambivalently, and it was done before I realised I had done it. Went down to the barber shop and got them to clean it up for me, but it’s done.

I have a little boy cut, and well I am digging it.


I’m on the verge of another hair shearing experience. I’ve been growing my dreads for about six or seven years, and despite my hair being longer than it’s ever been now I want to cut it all off.

I’m just tired of it… I want and need a change. I’ve been doing this all my life, growing out and cutting my hair, so it’s nothing new to me, and I have very little emotional attachment to my hair itself.
The last time I did this it was an adventure. I’d been pondering it for weeks and weeks and one morning I just got up cut every dread off my head, slapped on a little tam and then went into a barber salon and had them take it down real low. Then I went home and dyed it blonde. I kept my hair short for almost two years before I started growing this set of locks.

Now though, it feels as though I’m at the end of a seven year cycle. Certainly it’s been long enough for the cells in my body to renew themselves, and I really do feel the need for a radical change and for me that always manifests itself in my hair. I guess I’m lucky I look good with both short hair and long… besides, I’m looking forward to growing it out again.

So I think I’ll make it an adventure this rounds too. And I think I’ve just about had it with the dying too. I just want to have fun with it again… have braids, cornrow it, do my Angela Davis stylee once more.

Before I say goodbye to the long blonde dreads I want to go to the hair dresser and have it ‘done’, then take some pics of it… just as a memorial to the longest my hair has ever been.


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