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Got a tutor

Stopped trying to force myself to get over my embarrassment and just hired a tutor to help improve my confidence speaking. It’s going well!

passed the written language exam!

Yay, only need to pass the oral exam now.

took the test again

I took the exam again last Friday. Really, really hope I have passed this time. I am practicing my speaking skills now to pass that portion.



Coming along slowly

Realized how much my reading skills SUCK! Found a service called which tests you on writing and recall of kanji. I finished a JLPT 3->2 book of exercises recently and now my routine consists of 90 minutes of study daily. (might as well, since I am unemployed!) 1/2 an hour on skritter, 1/2 an hour on and 1/2 an hour reading or doing exercises in a textbook! Adding skritter and the newspaper have improved my retention VASTLY. Rikai-chan for Chrome or Firefox is very helpful when reading the newspaper.

Need to finish learning Japanese!

I need to pass an exam to finish my graduate degree. I have reached a plateau where I am bored in anything below an advanced class but cannot move into full comprehension and speaking. It’s very frustrating.

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