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create my own website

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i can see it now

i’m gonna create the greatest web site the world has ever will have all the best stuff in it..poetry..mathematics..artistic of me looking cool..i can see it in my head.. it’s gonna be so great i can’t believe it..there will be a section called evolushape..i need to work on the will be able to make any shape you like..a tree..a fish..even a fish-tree..which is in your head..i will make it come out of your head using evolution..using mathematics that only i can do..if someone has already done this they can blow website will be so will be the new standard for websites..although no-one will be able to equal will be so great that almost any search you type into google will take you to my site..all i need to do is learn how to make can’t be hard..every moron and his dog has a website..and they’re all crap..(apart from iwona’s)..i’ve seen them..they blow.

you think i’m not really great don’t’re website will kick ass..wait and see

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