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decide on a career

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JoJo has written 3 entries about this goal

A new plan! Joys!

Note the sarcasm.
Although, actually, I am pretty excited about it. I’ve been accepted into the University of East Anglia (Shamefully also know as University of Easy Access, haha). And I’m gonna go study Mathematics! Providing I get the grades on my current course at college. But yes, I’m really excited, moving away to Norwich with my boyfriend gonna be a student bum!
I’m learning towards doing more and do something involving mathematical research, it proper excites me.
Yes, I’m a nerd, but I looovvveee it!


Would you agree that a career isnt for everyone?

I’m not too bothered about making it ‘to the top’ and gainning responsibilities.
I’ve come to the idea that maybe having two or three small part time jobs could fill out my spare time and money making needs.
Variation, is the probably the key for me.
My imgaination can stretch pretty far, and I can imagine myself in most jobs, wherever my attitude towards is realistic, I’m not sure.
But the list of ideal careers and jobs are quite endless, with some repeatition.

I wonder if this is just silly, or maybe, I can have a living with more than one job, that all different in some sort of way.

I’m curious.
Have one job that is the main money maker.
The other to involve a passion.
And the other, well not really a job, maybe volunteering.. Something that could help me sleep at night.

Fear of deciding...

As well most little kids, I always had lots of ideas of what I would like to be, career mind. Some ideas being more realistic than others, but now at nearly half way of sixth form, time is what I need, but is what I’m losing and so is the open freedom of being able to get the qualifications.

Considering options from Accountancy, something office related and to maybe with something to do with animals (hands on), its so varied and leads me no where.

My form tutor told the whole form that really we should of decided what we wanted to do in Year 9 (14-15).
And because I’ve already done my GCSEs and feel like I maybe pick some of the less ideal subjects and haven’t tried so hard, and now half way through A levels and less satisfied now that I don’t know if the qualifications can lead me to where I want to be (if I decide where that is).

The idea of being stuck in a job that I’m not happy with for near all my life scares me, as so, I would think, for others.

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