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make the world a better place

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come up with some concrete steps

for this goal. To me there are two aspects of “make the world a better place”: there is the way you conduct your daily life and then “special projects”. At first we were just randomly donating to whichever charity was in the forefront of our attention at the time. Then I thought about concentric circles. Our immediate family is the center of the cirle, then our extended family and closest friends, then community, then state/nation then world. Because I’m an organization freak this appeals to me. One month we focus on immediate family: my cousin needs help, my Mom needs stuff done around her house. The next month we do extended family/friends etc. This approach really helps me feel like we’re accomplishing something. For “community” we’ve been volunteering at our son’s school – which has been really fun! For state/nation I haven’t found a project yet. For “world” we donate to Heifer Int’l usually but I found out about Kiva on 43T so that’s on the “world” list now.

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