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control my rheumatoid arthritis

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the inflammation seems to be decreasing!

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been incredibly sick with brochitis-sick enuf to miss four days of work,and I know my immune system is overloaded, but the water on my knee is disappearing and my hands are way less swollen. Also upped the methotrexate dose to 10 pills per week. Maybe this will do the trick! Yeah!

kinda discouraged...

my knee is more swollen than ever. i am continuing to exercise anyway. i wish the methotrexate would kick in. hopefully soon.

it might be starting to work!

today i noticed that my left middle knuckle and left knee are a tiney bit less swollen and painful. maybe 8 tabs of methotrexate are a more appropriate dose.

upped the dosage of methotrexate......

left knee still VERY swollen. hope this kicks in. i know it’s slow-acting medicine, but i need to get on with life!!! (i’m exercising regardless of the swollen knee – doc permitted this. :))

took 2 doses of ibu today

but about 10 hrs apart. maybe i need to take them closer together to get the swelling down. at least i’m not having any pain.

my knee is swelling up again

gonna start taking ibuprofen regularly until the mtx kicks in

feeling a little better

i started exercising. just a little. hopefully the slow acting drugs will take effect soon.

getting some relief!

took my mom christmas shopping last night even though my knee was blown up like a balloon. Pretty tired and frustrated not being able to get the cortisone prescription for 6 hrs after doc faxed it. had to call doc at least 10 times to have him get thru to walmart. anyway, cortisone is ALREADY helping and i am glad i didn’t get my knee drained like last time. now for the methotrexate and folic acid to work. i want to start exercising, so it’s imperative that i can move well! and comfortably!

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