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be more confident

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i don't think i can do this anymore..

i’ve had enough…after too many problems i have lost confidence in me- i tired to get it back but i realized the person i am now is who i will always be. Weak.


just when i thought i fixed everything with the girls at school, they’re at it again. JUST when my confidence was boosting up as well. i don’t get it, i don’t do anything to them. They call me the bitch, but they are the ones making comments everytime i pass by and pushing against the lockers. They hate me so much, yet to try so hard to get my attention, and involve me in their life. Thats contradicting yourself if i say…i really thought i was beginning to not fear them, but it’s happening all over again. AGAIN i have to be alert on whats around me…all of a sudden i feel so let down.


after i finally stood up for myself oneday against someone who was picking on me, i became a little more confident. I speak up more often, and feel tougher against people who i shouldn’t really care about. I’m not COMPLETELY confident yet, but im getting there step by step!

i used to be more confident

but i don’t know what happened know. i don’t like public speaking, i get nervous easily, and i doubt myself to much…

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