Tracy Young in Panama City is doing 22 things including…

receive 43 postcards from 43 different 43Thingers

4 cheers


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Tracy Young has written 10 entries about this goal

# 7

Thanks to 43thingers Todd Schoonover, Deni H & Sherlock! While they were dining in Memphis, TN they decided to drop me a great postcard as well!! You guys are GREAT!! THANKS BUNCHES!!!

# 6

Thanks to Todd Schoonover & Deni H for thinking of me during their 10K run! I love this card of Tishomingo State Park Cabin in Mississippi! Thanks Guys!!

# 5 From Templetone2

Thank you to Templetone2 for sending me the card that was created by a Canadian artist. I love unique postcards as well as butterflies, so this was a treat! Thanks again Leanne!

Wanna Help?

If you would like to help me with this goal email me and I’ll reply with my address. Thanks in Advance!

Received # 4...Thanks Steve Barnett

Thanks to Steve Barnett and his postcard reflecting some military humor. Good Luck on your soon to be retirement Steve!

Yay # 3...Thank You TODDSCHOONOVER

I love this card! He said that since my name was sweettracie that this may be an appropriate card to send…Hersey Kisses! SWEET! How’d you know I love the chocolate!

Thanks again TODDSCHOONOVER in PA!!


Just wondering, I’ve sent out several cards. Has anyone gotten them? :o)

I’ve also joined and have gotten several postcards from different countries, ya’ll should check it out!

# 2 has arrived...Thanks Harijan!!

Wow, how cool is this postcard?! I was so surprised when it arrived, it’s a postcard seed pack…so it actually has California Poppy Seeds in it! How Nifty!


Received my # 1...Thanks shortstack!

Yay, I received the first one!

I big thank you to shortstack in North Dakota. This card made me laugh out loud! I just love the silly vintage ones!

Cool, Fun Goal!

So I was looking around 43 things and I came across someone with this goal. I was thinking how cool it would be to participate, make new friends and collect some interesting postcards along the way. I also stumbled across someone mentioning, so I signed up! If you would like to help me with this goal email me and I’ll reply with my address.

Tracy Young has gotten 4 cheers on this goal.


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