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get my hair back to it's natural color


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8 months

I dyed it some days ago. Before that, hadn’t dyed it since mid-October. I couldn’t help it.
I don’t really like my natural hair color.
I LOVE change. The “same ol’ thing” bores me.
Plus… this new color works nicely with my summer tan. makes me look…tanner. Like it highlights the mid-summer tan. yeah.

I tried. 8 months was a pretty good run.

"The dye is cast."

THAT is what Julius Caesar said. i think it was while his army-men were marching across the land to new lands… Again, I just had the need for a sorta-random-ish title. but… dye and natural hair color… sorta on the same page?

Anyway, I haven’t dyed my hair since… I think the second-or middle week of this past October. ALMOST 5 months… well… 2 more weeks and it’ll be around five months! For me, that’s pretty darn impressive.

When I was younger, my parents would always comment on how much my older sister dyed her hair (they didn’t really bad mouth it or disapprove of it or anything, just commented and whatnot. made jokes abotu it)... and I had announced to them, “Well I’M NEVER going to dye MY hair!”

Hah! How naive I was! I’ve been a deep egyptian plum to nearly black, from a warm toasty carmel to a deep chocolate, light hazel-nut and deep ash-brown and… others that I’ve forgotten. I think my favorite was the plum or the dark/almost/black hair color because it made me green eyes pop. Twas sex-kitten like, I was told! lol.

And because of all the dying, I thought “This can’t be all too good for my hair,root, and scalp”. I also decided to stop with the dye while I grow my hair out (to be cut off and donated) ‘cause I want it to be healthy.

Stopping with the dye-ing (dying?) wasn’t as hard as times in the past. I think it’s because my last color was sorta close to my natural color, so the roots didn’t stand out so painfully much.

I quit.

It may be healthy for hair and all, but I can’t handle it.
I don’t like the way it looks when an inch of my hair, the roots, is a complete different color then the rest.

Besides… I don’t really think I like my natural color. I just don’t feel too keen on it.


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