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Read all of Stephen King's novels and short stories

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Joyland, going to read Cell next


Doctor Sleep … 9 more to go for this year. I better make more time to read if I plan to get to 10.

Starting Joyland next – that shouldn’t take long at all.

10 by 12.31.14

I picked 10 to read before 12/31/14, but I probably won’t read them in the order they are numbered. This is what I have left. The full list is under the entry “So far…”

The blue title is the one I’m currently reading.

11/22/63 (3)
Black House


Christine (6)
Dead Zone, The
Duma Key
Eyes of the Dragon, The
From A Buick 8 (5)
Lisey’s Story
Plant: Zenith Rising, The
Tommyknockers, The
Under the Dome

Short Story Collections:
Different Seasons
Everything’s Eventual
Four Past Midnight (7)
Just After Sunset
Night Shift (8)
Nightmares and Dreamscapes (9)

Skeleton Crew (10)
Stephen King Goes to the Movies

Bachman Novels:
Bachman Books, The (The Long Walk, Rage, Roadwork, The Running Man)

Short Stories (Not in above collections):
Before the Play
Crate, The
Father’s Day
Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, The
Night of the Tiger, The
Premium Harmony
Revelations of ‘Becka Paulson, The
Something to Tide You Over
Tale of Gray Dick, The
They’re Creeping Up on You

Poems (Not in short story collections):...not sure where to find these…
Bone Church, The
Dark Man, The
Donovan’s Brain
Hardcase Speaks, The
Harrison State Park ‘68
In the Key-Chords of Dawn

Unpublished Works:
Cannibals, The


The Dark Half, going to start Doctor Sleep next :-)

I received

my 2 new books Doctor Sleep and Joyland the other day…but I’ve only read less than 100 pages (I think) of The Dark Half. I really want to read the 2 new ones but will wait until I finish this one.


haven’t even started Skeleton Crew yet and changed my mind. Going to read The Dark Half.


The Regulators, starting Skeleton Crew next. Hopefully won’t take 4 months to finish or I won’t come close to reading 10 books by December 31st…

Started the

Regulators yesterday. 2 new novels coming out this year :)

Joyland coming out in June and Doctor Sleep (“follows the story of Danny, the child in King’s novel THE SHINING, as an adult.”)is coming out in September.


Rose Madder. Starting Desperation either tonight or tomorrow.


finished The Talisman. I really enjoyed it :)

Started Rose Madder tonight.

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