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100 points in the "Dashing all the Weigh" contest!


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week 6 is over as of today!

i’ve earned 18 points this week and unless i weigh in at more than i should, i’ll win my tee shirt!!!

I'm going to lose weight and win my tee shirt!

As a result of this contest, i forced myself to go take a fitness class and have fallen completely in LOVE with Zumba.

I don’t remember my points, but this is the final week and I’m going to make it for sure, so as long as my weigh-in is under what it was when I started, I’m going to get EXACTLY 100 POINTS!

week 3 results!

ok so i earned:
3 points for 4 gym card scans
2 points for 2 strength sessions
5 points for 5-30 min. cardio sessions
5 points for 3 servings of fruit/veg. daily

15 points!

Week 2 results

12 points again! Well, I now officially must bust my butt if I’m going to make my mark. :) It’s ON!

Well, should b easier to get to the gym since I no longer have a job.

Week 1 results

I earned 12 points. I should have earned 15 but I didn’t get to the gym 4 times. crap! I could blame black friday exhaustion but I could have gone Saturday if I wanted to, I was being lazy.

I have, however, lost about 2 lbs. since the start of this!

88 points to go!

Oh I forgot to mention at the end, if I maintain my weight I get 5 bonus points, and if I lose weight, I get 10 points.

The premise:

My local YMCA is putting on this program. Each week, I can earn points as follows:

4 card scans (gym visits) per week = 3 points
2 aerobics classes = 3 points
2 aquatics classes = 3 points
2 strength sessions = 2 points
4-30 min. cardio sessions = 3 points
5-30 min. cardio sessions = 5 points
3 daily svgs. fruit/veggies = 5 points

100 points over 6 weeks (Nov. 23-Jan. 3) gets me a free t-shirt. oh big deal you might say, but to me, very specific targets for points gets me excited and committed.

what i’ve done so far is marked it all out on the calendar.

There’s a link to my set up, and progress.


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