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get out of debt

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Tina has written 3 entries about this goal

Well I've just been goin' up shit creek in a speed boat on this one

It wasn’t that I did anything else to put myself here. Again, situations. I knew this month was going to come around. I have been trying really hard to come up with a plan. I think I have one. I hope I have. We will see by next week. If not, I am f**ked.

Not much hope here.

Well, not to be a Debbie Downer, but this little goal of mine is just plain hopeless. This time of year is when things start to go downhill anyhow. My electric bill will soon start to slowly increase more and more – electric heat – old house. My teenage son is, well, a teenager. One thing after another keeps popping up. Medications, tons of school related things, birthdays, and christmas will be coming up in no time.
Frickity Frack!

Who doesn't have this goal?

Down in a hole. Yeah, well that’s me. Can’t seem to climb out and it just keeps getting worse. I scrape by. Juggle bills. Soooo tired of this. It is hard to make a plan of action for this one. It is hard to cut back on little things when you had already cut the little things back long ago.
Not to get too deep in to my situation, but some things are hard to change. Medical, prescriptions, etc.

I have found myself overextending myself at times though, just because I hate being like this all of the time. The broke girlfriend, mom, friend, sister, daughter. Sorry, can’t do that, get that, go there – can’t afford it. So freakin tired of this.

I simply can not come up with a plan for this one. This one is another wait and see. Crap.

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