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travel to Finland, the shore of the Atlantic ocean, to Southampton, Germany, Tibet, Petersburg etc.

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The shore of the Atlantic

Did it! And I actually was diving in the Atlantic, which was fantastic in spite of the rainy Irish weather ;-)
It feels like I’m 80% done with my goal:D AMAZING


Recently I’ve been accomplishing Finnish part of this goal, and it’s another good experience, another ‘exotic’ place, exotic meaning not the palm-trees and lions all around you but sunrises at 10 am and sunsets at 2pm, people not talking to each other even though they live together under the same roof, language that has almost every possible combination of as many as possible vowels with as limited as possible amount of consonants:) Not to mention drunken 40-years-old ‘ladies’ witha bottle of alcohol at 4pm. every Friday on the streets.


In progress…
1.I’ve flown over the Atlantic this April.
2. I have lived in Germany for 4 months.

Still more to go. The more you eat the more you want :)


i’m going to southampton in august :) finally! so a part of this goal will hopefully be accomplished soon :)

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