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open a new bank account

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It's done

I just went ahead and did it. Called Chase first to see what was needed and what types of savings accounts were available. Signed up online for one that is free of charge as long as a minimum deposit of $300 is maintained. That shouldn’t be a problem if I immediately take the scissors to the ATM card when it arrives. The branch is within walking distance, but there are two ATMs even closer. May as well remove any temptation. It’s a savings account, after all, not a spending account.

It's about time

to create an account, not that I really want to (I don’t much like banks), but ever since my credit union merged with another, there are no branches here anymore. I really do have some uses for a more convenient financial institution. Chase keeps pestering me to set up an account, even though I am still upset with them for the way they unilaterally closed my account in Japan about 20 years ago when they moved from retail to private banking. I guess I can check out some of the other credit unions, too. It’s such a hassle. Just something that has to get done sooner or later.

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