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Lose 30 pounds

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TajLV has written 29 entries about this goal

The time has come

I can’t put this off any longer. Losing 30 pounds is just the first step. There will be more to lose after that. But I’ve got a good start … dropped seven pounds in the past month since my last visit to the doctor. Hope to drop six more before next month’s visit.

A nice surprise

I don’t trust our bathroom scales so I always try to weigh myself at my chiropractor’s office on the “good” ones. It has been a month since my last visit and two months since my last weigh-in. What a pleasant surprise to discover I’ve lost 18 pounds!

I credit much of the loss to better eating habits. Since I’ve started working fulltime on this political campaign, I don’t snack in the evenings. Also, I am walking more. I think it’s going to be a great summer of weight loss coming up. I’ll soon be ticking off this goal as “done” and adding a new one: Lose 20 (more) pounds.

Post-holiday plan

I managed to get past the holiday season and actually drop a pound, thanks in large part to a three-day fast and some significant changes in eating habits.

I’ve also done something I never did before: Take full-length photos of myself, front and profile, in my underwear. They look like police mug shots … and deservedly so, given the crimes I’ve committed against my body to get to this weight. But the plan is in place, and I’m already looking forward to taking the after pix. Should be quite a contrast.

Down, not out

I made such good progress on this goal during the first half of the year, it is disappointing to carry it over into 2008. The sad truth is that I’ve regained most of what I lost. I’m down only two pounds from my peak weigh-in a year ago.

I know exactly what changes I could make to acheive this goal. Something is missing, and it has nothing to do with knowledge. A behavioral adjustment is required – a real lifestyle shift, equal in intensity to the one that put me off track back in July. If I do not find within myself the impetus to do this, I know there will be an external motivator in the form of some health problem. I’d prefer to avoid such a lesson.

This will not do

I have lost back about half of what I lost, which is a bad way of saying I’m only about a quarter of the way to this goal. After a year of ups and downs, I’ve got more entries here than pounds lost. That’s just not acceptable.

Memo to Self:

Exercise more. It’s on my 43T list, but not in my schedule.
No food/drink after 8pm. This is where the loss has been lost.
Drink more water. I had nailed this goal, but let it slip.
Portion control. Stop going for seconds/thirds.
Breakfast. This a good routine; keep it up.
Slimfast for lunch. Recommit to this; it’s been working.
Increments. Set intermediate goals; lose 5 lbs first.

As soon as I complete my current challege goal, I’m moving this to the top of my list. Enough already. It’s time to get this one done.

Time to Regroup

Since leaving my day job a month ago, I’ve actually regained three of the 15 pounds I’d lost. My routines are off, both eating and exercise. There’s no time like the present to rededicate myself to this goal. I’ve still got about 19 weeks left to drop 18 pounds. Piece of -cake- fruit!

The Halfway Point

I lost three more pounds over the past four weeks, bringing me to 15 lost since November when I upped my goal from Lose 20 pounds. I’m feeling rather good about my recent progress. Let’s see if I can shed two more before the end of the month.

Slow and steady

It took two weeks, but I managed to lose one more pound. Slow and steady wins the race.


Since the last weigh-in at my chiropractor’s office two weeks ago, I haven’t gained or lost an ounce. That’s a bit disappointing, since I thought I was exercising more and watching the calories. On the upside, perhaps the fat is converting to muscle, which is heavier. I need to redouble my efforts in the two weeks ahead.


In the month since I returned rom Japan, I’ve lost two pounds. I’m getting back into my exercise routine and working in the yard/garden, which helps a little, although it also makes me more hungry/thirsty. I’m okay with slow progress. Even if it takes the rest of the year, I will complete this goal in 2007.

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