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Well this weekend the love of my life came to see me and while we had a great time together I know i was pretty bratty at times. So as an addendum to this goal I want to go __ days without saying I love him but showing that I love him. Tonight I told him that he deserved the unproductive day he had because he is a hard worker, and I meant it!


Okay so I need some deliverables. I would like to not come away from unpleasant exchanges feeling like ‘well maybe it’s my fault for…’ and I want to say when things are bothering me rather then holding them in and lashing out. Let’s see if I can work on this for the next couple months.

baby steps

I need some deliverables on this. So to start, because distance limits our time together, I will try to resolve issues before we see each other so that our face time will only be positive.

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