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practice discardia

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chucked a giant bag

of ephemera. why was I keeping a gas bill from 1997?!

three more bags

of trash and three more boxes of giveaways. The mudroom closet is cleared out and I have a clear and sorted desk.

two boxes

to Goodwill yesterday. and still it feels like I have about twice as much stuff as I need. no one would ever call my style minimalist. The occasional 27 Fling Boogie is a help. And I still have two closets I haven’t subjected to scrutiny in a while. Spring cleaning continues apace.

three bags of stuff

that truly cannot be recycled nor reused. pulled from the tiny mudroom closet. out to the trash.

two more boxes

and a big basket dropped off at goodwill.

if I keep up this pace, I’ll be staring down some empty closet space by spring break, ha!

three boxes

of stuff, delivered to goodwill today. hooray!

recycled or tossed

five bags of old papers – lightness! liberation!

kitchen cupboard project

started today is about half done. tossed a bunch of redundant, ancient seasonings.

sadly, I found at the back of a very high shelf what looks like a lovely gift box of gourmet chocolates that may have been a distant holiday gift from a relative. not sure why it was up there, but the chocolates were over time reduced to a powdery state and had to be dumped.

recycled or tossed a bunch of collected glass or plastic containers.

I know I’m still hanging on to more than necessary, but at least, some stuff is gone – and shelves are dusted.

I'm a collector

it’s congenital. but I’m inspired by my mother (although her inspiration seems to be related to sense of mortality) who these days has been holding regular yard sales and contributing to church and temple bazaars.

I’ve got a giveaway box in my mud room for goodwill and I’m putting something in every day.

Also making a little box for treasures for my niece and my neighbor.

having house guests

helped determine the timing for getting a bunch of stuff out of the house before the holidays. I moved clothes, gadgets, knickknacks to outside storage, and this past weekend to Goodwill. now I guess I should schedule the next round of visitors so I can time the next round of discardia.

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