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draw draw draw

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tamaribu has written 4 entries about this goal

the near-sighted monkey

(and Lynda Barry) are delightful (and a bit eerie).

Picture This

Doodling in the morning with my coffee and my radio is making me super happy.

a week of drawing

got myself in a couple of situations where drawing was required this week.

animals seem to be a theme. both wild and domesticated.

fun to have to just go at it without inhibition.

not doing too well with this

I think I need to commit to some kind of regular practice. draw daily? draw weekly?

plus I’m constantly misplacing pens and pencils, so just keeping the tools in hand is a challenge. bleh!

visiting my six year old niece was a great demonstration of constant exuberant, collaborative drawing. she goes at it non-stop and is a special fan of working on drawings and picture books together with loved ones. she always has pens, pencils and paper around. actually her parents are great at making sure her tools are ever available.

gee, where are hovering parents when you need them? (...asked the woman of middling age)

Carrying a sketchbook and pencils

helps. At the beach a ladybug landed in a footprint in the sand in front of me and got stuck there. It emerged after about 10 minutes, but in the meantime, good subject for drawing large.

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