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keep in touch

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making some lunch dates

there are too many local folks whom I only see on facebook!

picked up the phone

called dear E. nice normal chat. looking forward to next in person.


(There seems to be a little flurry.) Another jr hi friend, now living in Russia, made contact and maybe we’ll meet up during the summer.

an old friend

from early days in LA made casual contact and hooray we’re planning a meet up in a couple of weeks.

looking forward.

tiny exchange

with B in the north. upping the chances that a visit may happen in June.

jr hi friend

send me a nice long check-in letter. responded in kind same day. it was like a little mini-e-mail reunion.

after waaaaay too much time

finally talking to my cousin. I called and we had oodles to catch up on. family, work, .... finances. we’re both in kind of dire straits in some ways, but better together and in touch than on our own.

I have a lot more contacting to do in this arena.

Next on the list:

My bro,
my dear E,
my friends up north whom others keep asking me about, but I haven’t been active with in months,
my old friends with equally insane work and family lives – we made such good efforts last year – how can I be part of keeping the momentum up?

It was fantastic to just pick up the phone and start talking to my cuz. must hold on to the ease of that connection and keep, on, going.

sent word to my bro

and sis-in-law about holiday travel plans – I’m willing to work to make holiday visiting viable!

So great

to see old friends. But got distracted and late with some family birthday recognition! Working on that this weekend, better late than never?

travelling east again

tomorrow. So far I’ve got planned two days of quality time with old best friends, plus a dinner, two lunches, a coffee meet-up and sleepover with pals I haven’t seen in 2 years plus. looking forward!

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