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record my dreams

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seem to be spontaneously remembering

dreams more recently.

today I was in a two person canoe on the ocean.

we were paddling hard, in a race of some sort. there’s some strong momentum going and I look up to see that there’s a large mirror floating up ahead, that we’re coming quickly up to. this is apparently a sign to turn around and head back.

we do, and then I notice that we’re swamped. that my knees are just visible above the water in the boat. it’s nearly full up with water.


two separate images stick with me.

one, a room with vivid red wall paper patterned with bold graphic black markings. a smooth strange man turns his back to reveal the back of his jacket repeats the pattern and as he becomes still, blends perfectly into the paper, disappearing.

two, I look up, into the corner of a room. thick clouds of spider web are clustered there. startlingly full.

a snippet

arrived back at my office, arms full, and nearsightedly peering at a note on my door that I can not read. when I enter, there’s a pillowy bundle of fabric filling the space behind my desk. it looks like something between a nest, giant pile of down comforters, but it looks soft, inviting and kind of chaotic. a man with salt and pepper hair standing very near me says jovially – surprise! it takes a moment for me to recognize S beloved but crazy college bf.

I’m on a train on my way to a performance I’m very much looking forward to. my belongings are for reasons I don’t understand scattered across adjacent seats and dangling from the luggage rack. I realize that these are old things, not sure why I’m carrying them. I’m untangling some of my things (an electric cord? a piece of art someone made for me?) and I realize that I may be late.

I park my car on the street. the neighborhood is in town, looks like Cambridge or Columbus Circle, or…? georgian brick buildings vaguely traditional or academic. it’s daytime, sunny, quiet. but one of the buildings is on fire, just a few flames licking the roof top. no sound. it looks almost decorative. normal. I lock the car and head to my appointment. later, on some upper story, in the middle of a conversation, I realize that there are sirens and smoke down the block, the fire is raging. I wonder what may have become of my car.

a very dark

dream, which it was a relief to wake from.

a couple of vividly

dreaming nights in a row reminds me, that this is worthwhile. I’ve set up a document on my lap top for recording – and I’m ready to capture some again.

Not happening.

I think I need to work on sleeping more first, then dreaming, then recording.

sporadic, but happening

when I wake-up interrupted like this morning (forgot to turn off the alarm though it’s Saturday and I had no intention of waking up before 8) I usually have some dream image lingering. the trick is pulling it into text form before it blows away.

keeping a journal bedside...

and managed to write, when I woke up, about a dream which was so clearly about yesterday, that it was more like a light variation on a memory than a dream.

a dream about

going with three friends to visit a grandmother in an institution. We wash our hands in a spherical basin before entering.

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