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Two years five months

Cuter than ever. True! They keep getting cuter, it’s insane. They’re also still insanely happy. And they appear to be, well, not dumb. They’re still vastly different people. They get along pretty well. There seems to be no mystic twins thing going on, much as people like to believe it, but they do enjoy each other’s company (day and night!) and they miss each other when they’re apart. They speak well, and often. In the case of Lisa: all the time. Their linguistic development boggles me sometimes, especially since as twins this should be a challenge for them. It isn’t. They started bending verbs by themselves, for example. It’s a shame I can’t give you an example because, um, they speak Dutch but they do come up with some clever and actually straightforward things. Oh one example that will make sense: Esmée told us that Lisa had awayed her drink. Yes, that’s a verb now.

So no worries. Punky & the Shrimp are doing fine!

The latest

of their mug shots: http://lookaroundyou365.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/the-twins-up-close/

Almost two

These minions are now almost two years old. Tomorrow is the day. It’s amazing and mind-boggling. I am enjoying it immensely. I am still not overly ‘maternal’ in the classic sense of the word (meaning: I kept my wits and independence – to a degree – and think about more than diapers and all that stuff) but I feel that I have changed as a person because of my kiddies. For one thing: I never loved anything so much in my life. Anythings. Anypeople.

Lisa reads to her sister

Jip & Janneke. That is like the ultimate standard in Dutch children’s literature, written by the brilliant Annie Schmidt. A friend gave it to us and they absolutely love it.

Minions doing hoops.

Just like mama.



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Monkey down!

Yesterday was father was making measurements to install a little plank at the balcony rail. This to prevent my minions from throwing things 7 storeys down into the garden (and/or onto the heads) of my neighbours. As he was measuring Lisa walked up behind him and tossed a puzzle piece, of a monkey, down the balcony. We tried to find it downstairs but couldn’t. Dammit! My father is coming back today to install the planks. Bless’im.

Esmée being silly


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