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translate and edit

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Going SMARTer

I am rephrasing this goal, starting today, with a manageable regular partial goal to keep me going.

“Translate my book, one page per day, until it is finished.”

There. At this rate it should be finished in a little over a month.

So that didn't work.

I am still nowhere near having translated the whole thing!
I hate myself.

Got the MAC!

Am translating. LOVE the MAC. Also love the translating. I have dropped the editing for now, largely, because I am in a hurry. Of course I change bits here and there as I work through it but mostly I leave the thing as it is, only in a different language. I also feel that I need to send my friends another instalment of the story but for that i would have to figure out what they already have etc. Too tired for that now. Hah!

With my new nifty computer I will be able to write and translate on the train again. I am bound to finish translating before the next NaNo! (This is starting to feel like a NaNo in its own right…)


Apple says they’ll deliver my new macbook today or tomorrow. Yay!


I just realised that it was (is) my goal to translate last year’s nano novel before starting this year’s. What means I have a bit more than a month and a half left. It is doable but it means that I have to apply myself. Also, I need to come up with an idea for this year. Hm… Does anyone have anything for me? All I need is a little starter idea, a ‘what if?’ upon which to build further storytelling.

Progress is still being made

Slowly but surely. Made a few more pages. Could send some to friends but am hesitant because it may suck too much. :p
New laptop not arrived yet because of Apple supply issues in NL but hope to receive soon. Fingers crossed.

I have some good news and I have some bad news.

One should always start with the good news so I’ll give you the bad news first. I know that doesn’t make sense.

I wanted to work on it this evening but I didn’t. Too tired, too busy with stupid housework, too busy with sitting behind the computer doing other things. So no progress.

I will buy myself a fancy-schmancy laptop soon so I will be able to work on the train and enjoy working on it more when I’m at home. Progress is sure to be made.


Now I’m wondering if I should continue this or just start a new story – although I haven’t the slightest idea what that would be.

Pondering pondering wondering wondering.

Three more


Getting there…


I just did two more pages. :)

8 / 73

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