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i want to stop hating my life


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black magic womannnn!!

i have made up m mind..im going to harness the power of the cosmos to get my soul mate back! am i devious (hehehoohoohaha) or just pathetic? :D

love works in ways wondrous and strange

well today was hardly a step in the right direction. im still feeling pretty low..i never thought love could change my life so much. i never realized i would fall like this. this is not love..this is transcendent of all things human..


im 22 years old..i have evrything! everything going for me..im funny..im pretty..people love me..im verry smart..n still i hate my life! i hate my dad bing over possessive..i hate being in love with a perfect man..i love him..but i hate the fact that he’s married..i hate the university i study at..its not even listed.oh btw im from india…n its fun being in big cities.but im stuck in atiny hell hole..everytime ppl meet me they dont believe i AM from where i am..it sux! i wanna study at columbia university..i got a pretty decent GRE score so im hoping for the best! its 6 o’clock in the evening n i cant go out for a cuppa coffee coz most of the people around r honestly very boring..gals always talk bout make up n guys n guys are well..guys! there’s just one perfect man i met n he’s married! life sux!


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