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Nature Stuffs to Share with 43T

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Obligatory road trip shot...

Leaving WV.

It's Fall.


Blue Ghost Fireflies North Carolina

Photo belongs to National Geographic.

Scenes from yesterday.

This is my SIL’s back yard.

Deer Troubles

I planned to weed when I got home today unfortunately, a fawn has bedded down in my rose bed right by the garage and appears to have a broken leg . We’ve seen it up and about with it’s mom recently so it’s not ‘too new’ to walk, the back right leg is bent at a funny angle and it’s surrounded by flies. Not good! I tried to shoo it toward the back yard at which point it stood, couldn’t put weight on the leg and plopped back down again. When I called animal control they said they’d only come if it was dead and that given time the Mother will either come to get her or it will expire at which point I should call back. Hating the idea of this fawn dying but not too sure what I could possibly do to help. If I give it water the city could cite me for feeding a wild animal. I’ll check back in an hour or two but in the mean time what do I do…?

6 Point in Suburbia

This buck was hanging in our back yard about a week ago.

Scenes from yesterday


Scenes from last weekend.



Source: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2012/07/easter-island/olson-photography



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