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Yesterday I made a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. I got all artsy fartsy on it! I placed several green stars and a border on there. My cakes always come out looking funny but they taste great & Donnie isn’t too picky, lol! Thank goodness!

Artistic or creative?

We’re having a pot luck lunch here at work and I’m really proud of my contribution. I brought 2 sand castle pails with 2 sand shovels. I have placed mixed greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, shredded mozzarella, sliced ham & turkey in there and we’ll use the 2 shovels to scoop it out!! It isn’t even lunch time and already 3 co-workers have searched me out to offer kudos!! {Puffing up chest proudly}

Changed the name of this one

So that I can put anything artistic here. I know (don’t kick my ass Serenity) but it’s not a cop out in any way shape or form! This way I can post about anything. Like the stupid drawings I make each day on the dry erase board at work. It’s a characture of my boss who thankfully has a good sense of humor because I take suggestions about how my co workers would like to see him. He’s been: a pirate, rock star, milk maid, Charlie Brown, space man, stripper, sailor, etc… It keeps me entertained and if he’s really pissing us off we make him some freaky, girly, boarderline filthy thing. He was nothing but a butt with a large hole one day! LOL! Here’s the basic “Vito” that get’s dressed up… Clearly not drawn to scale and it’s a quick sketch so don’t beat me up too badly, lol!


Haven’t I started this? Money, time, motivation, all of the above? I wish I could get a huge windfall of cash and blow it on art supplies. At this point I would be happy with finger paints, lol! I’m leaving this one on here for now but if push comes to shove I may abandon it…

It's been years & years

Since I’ve put brush to canvas. Perhaps I could take an art class and see what there is to see. I used to paint as a form of expression but it became costly so I adandoned it. I miss it from time to time…

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