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be divorced

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I am divorced.

I received my extract decree of divorce in the post today.
It is done.

My pals had a phone call

saying that the ex’s solicitor has missed something off the form so that one is invalid and they’re having to do another one for her to sign. I’ll be on the phone to them in the morning to fid out what it’s all about as she says it something to do with the house and as far as I’m aware that is all done and dusted and I paid the huge bill for the privilege.


is getting signed on Monday. How long now?

I've been in touch with

the ex’s solicitor today so now it’s up to them to get this affidavit sorted and hopefully the divorce will be over with by the end of the year.
Big one asked if it was possible to stall it for a year as I think she’s worried that her Dad will marry the girlfriend (that the girl’s still haven’t met) while she’s away. :/

And so it goes on

I was just about to pen a letter of complaint to my solicitor (Thanks for your advice everyone) with a list of the times my pal is available to be contacted for the affidavit when the post arrived with a letter from the ex’s solicitor asking if they could have the details of my pal so they can contact them direct.
I’m happy to do this, as is my pal and as I don’t owe my solicitor any money I won’t be needing to contact her at all.

Not happy

My solicitor is supposed to have spoken with one of my pals to get an affidavit concerning wee one ages (and bloody ages) ago. It has still not been done, despite me and my pal both ringing her office.
I have had a letter today from my solicitor with a copy letter from the ex’s solicitor chasing up the affidavit. In the letter from my solicitor she says she thought they (the ex’s solicitor) had dealt with this by now. :o
I immediately phoned her office, surprise surprise she was busy. She’ll ring you back.
She didn’t!
Guess who’s getting an ‘I’m not very impressed’ letter back to her office?

It's been dragging on for

so long now it’s crazy.
After nearly 3 1/2 years of being separated I think it’s time that chapter of my life was finalised.

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