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Clear Out My Wardrobe

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I have a tidy, well ordered, everything in full view wardrobe. I also have several bags for the charity shops so double bonus. That is not just me benefits from this finally being done :D

Why oh why do I procrastinate on this one

My wardrobe is currently so bad I can’t shut the door properly and seeings how Santa is using some of it as storage space just now it is NOT a good thing having part open doors.
So by the weekend I WILL have a nice tidy, decluttered wardrobe. Oh yes I will.

Need to get this one done

because a certain someone in a big red suit needs the space to store things :D

Took all my shoes

and put them on the shoe rack (that has been languishing in my downstairs cupboard for months) all along one wall of my bedroom. Think this is the first time in my life that I have owned so many pairs of fab shoes/boots and now I can see them all at a glance – perfect.

Lead by example

Eldest wee one sorted out her wardrobe today and has half filled a charity bag with the clothes that no longer fit.
Only problem is its not my clothes that need sorting cos I did that a while back, it all the other junk that gets thrown in there that needs sorting out.

I have no clothes

Right well I decided to tackle this in a few phases because my wardrobe looks like there’s been a wild party in there and no-one invited me. So I took a deep breath, I opened the doors and I went one clothes hanger at a time and sorted through all my clothes. So I’ve gone from chaos to clanging bare hangers. Why was I keeping the clothes that are waaaaay too big for me after I’ve spent all this time and energy to lose weight. Am I going to fit back into them? Not bloody likely thank you very much! So in short there is now a big pile of clothes out of the wardrobe waiting for me to bag up and do the old charity run. Well done me :) Next phase is the shelves -gulp!!

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