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become a morning person.


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winter rythms

i am getting pretty good at this. i feel like total crap when my alarm wakes me up, but i get up there and then and once im out the door im wide awake.


my only choice is to drink much caffene and become slightly delerious. not ideal but it works. otherwise i would walk around with my eyes half closed all day.

i know drinking green teas and having a balanced lifestyle would help. but the herbal teas at college taste like dishwater. i allow myself to sleep in more in winter- getting up in the dark is not natural!!


i like the feeling of getting eveything done (phonecalls, groceries, errands etc) before midday, so then i have the rest of the day to do as i please! some days when i get up early i just feel crappy tough, so although i DO get up when the alarm goes off im a little snappy :/

so i guess i can’t call myself a morning person yet.
I want to carry on with this though, because it makes the odd lie-in so much sweeter and guilt-free.


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