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hair mask
bar of lush soap
Nubian Heritage black soap shower gel
Homemade body butter blend
Oil cleansing blend
a few samples

Put into use:
I purchased some fake nail tips because I was ripping my nails quite a bit when I get stressed. Put them on yesterday. They look alright. Hopefully that will be one bad habit broken soon and I get to use something I purchased a while ago.

hair products

Straight mousse
Wet look mousse
Hair laquer
Clear gel x 2
Elseve straightening spray
Apricot hair oil
Liese hair smoothing spray
Body Shop coconut balm
Africare glycerin
Pot of hair mask


Gillette deodorant, Curel moisturizer, Palmer’s coconut shampoo and conditioner, Canmake lychee hand cream, a few samples.

Most of my stationery is at work now. I put a load of it into the communal supplies drawers.

deodorants, etc

Continuing my list. I share most of the products in my list with my husband:

Gillette anti-perspirant
Nature’s Gate deodorants x 4
Crystal rock deodorant
Sea Breeze deodorant spray
Ban deodorant wipes
Armani perfume deodorants x 2

Burt’s Bees hand salve
Lush Ponche


I’m intent on improving my skin (I set up a goal for it), so I want to list everything I have that I can use for my face and body, so that I can see just how much I really have dotted around my home, office, and bags. Cosmetics and toiletries are typically small investments, but a little goes a long way so the frequency with which I’ve been purchasing them is way off. (Bolded products are half-full or less)

Face care:
Curel foam cleanser, Curel hydrating lotion, Curel intense moisturizing cream
Burt’s bees Orange Cleanser
Derma E psorzema cream, Derma E teatree cream
Now Foods hyaluronic acid serum
Perfect gel cleanser
Heritage Colloidal Silver foam cleanser, Heritage castor oil
Queen Helene cocoa butter facial scrub
Organic jojoba oil
Rose gel moisturizer

Rimmel cuticle oil
Nail and fingertips peel-off pack mask
Burt’s bees lemon cuticle creme, Burt’s bees hand salve,
Canmake litchee hand cream

Lush massage bars: Snow Fairy, Each Peach, Shimmy Shimmy, Therapy
Lush bar soaps: x 4
Lush body powder
Lush shower gels: Snow fairy, Ponche, Rose Jam
Nubian Heritage mango butter body lotion, Nubian H black soap shower gel, Nubian H black soap bar
Grace Cole coconut and lime body lotion
Burt’s Bees vitamin E and lemon body oil, B’s Bees cacao body butter
Gremel body lotion
Body Shop satsuma lotion sample
Organic shea butter, acai butter, cocoa butter
Homemade body butter blend (vanilla, shea, cocoa, jojoba)
Teatree oil, jojoba, castor oil cleansing blend

I’ve got exfoliating gloves and a brush for the shower. I do want to get another brush to keep out of the shower, but I feel like it’s not really justified until I’m more rigorous about using these products…

Strangely soothing to write out that list! And an excellent reminder to stay away from the toiletries aisle.


I’m not a wipe person, but for reasons unknown they’ll seem like a good idea once a year or so. I had a packet of 50 deodorant wipes at the office that I never used, so they came home and languished further. Ditto a packet of cleansing wipes and wet wipes for when there’s no washlet.

I put them all next to my bed for evenings when I’m not well or too tired to shower, and they’ve been great. It’s so nice to freshen up before sleep, or in the morning if I showered the night before.

I’m glad I’m using and enjoying them before they dry up.

used up

Not much, just a pot of lotion I moved into the shower as a shaving cream (good way to use up lotion by the way).

Slowly using my million notebooks at work.

aaaall the things

I have a few goals related to home and material possessions. I feel acutely how much stress they cause me. I no longer want to waste long stretches of time trying to manage things; this is the first year that I no longer feel young and I feel the need to refocus and really think about what I’m doing with my time on this earth.

My goals for this year on the home front are:
-cut down drastically on the total amount of things in my home
-make sure everything has a designated place
-use my resources to be more organized and personally fulfilled in general (i.e., got oil paints and a guitar, will use them)

Recent empties and things put back into use:
-various groceries from the pantry I’d had for a while
-more hair products
-a bunch of stationery
-quite a few pieces of clothing that were hanging with their tags on

Things to use up:
-body lotion (7)
-body massage bars and balms (5)
-face creams, lotions, and serums (6)
-face cleansing soaps, gels, and scrubs (8)
-hand creams and balms (6)
-hair products (10)
-mascara (5)
-foundations, make-up bases, and illuminators (8)

Things to use:
-art supplies
-all clothes, shoes, accessories, and make-up
-sports equipment
-kitchen equipment
-language learning materials
-brain! Seriously. Getting dusty.

little update

- several samples
- a tube of hand cream
- a bar of Lush soap I had been hoarding because it smells too good and is a limited edition.
- three pens
- two notebooks

Kind of empties:
- been careful about food waste so I have been eating my way through my freezer and the “pantry”, which is actually two big plastic storage drawers in the tatami room.
Pasta, green beans, tempeh, various seeds, nuts, dried fruits, cereals, bread going stale revamped as crunchy garlic toast,etc. The only thing I really need to be careful of now is to not buy more than one fresh soy product at a time as they only keep a week or so and I don’t eat tofu or okara more than once a week.

Put back into use:
- These things fall in and out of favor very fast, but my hand weights and kettlebells are being used daily
- A very nice scented candle from Thann and some Mariage Freres incense
- Bobble water bottle and two SIGG bottles
- Every lip gloss, balm and chapstick I own. I’ve got 5 in my bag and another 5 dotted about the house. Ridiculous, I know.
- Burt’s Bees hand salve and a pot of Lush face cream sit on my desk at work. I’ve been going make-up free at work save for a bit of mascara so that I can moisturize my skin regularly throughout the day. I could do with some foundation coverage to be honest, but my priority is comfortable skin right now.

Soon to be used:
- Going for a crafternoon next weekend at a friend’s house so I’ll be sharing my supplies with everyone. Origami paper, glitter, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows, stickers, washi tape, it’ll be a free for all :-)


A pot of aloe body gel.

Took a bunch of cosmetics to work, it is after all where I spend most of my time…

Also took some herbal teabags that had been hanging around for a while in my cupboard. Started drinking the dandelion tea I bought a year or so ago.

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