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Monday 10/19/09

*Hot chocolate on a cold day
*My parents and all they do for me
*My coworkers (99% of them are pretty awesome)

Thank God for

-Friends (which I may have taken for granted a bit)
-My awesome boyfriend
-Everyone who believes in me
-Boomer and Roxy
-The person who inspired/motivated me to start my own business
-Salt (yes, I’m a salt fiend)
-My metabolism
-Drive-in movies
-The beach
-The mountains


Thank God

For my potential to be great and his patience with me.

For my job.

For pool, and the pool table we’ll be getting soon (I’m SOOO excited).

For his peace that surpasses all understanding.

For my quirky friends.

I have a roof up above me, and a good place to sleep. Food on the table and shoes on my feet (in-other-words the simple things oft taken for granted)

Thank God . . .

That I’m currently debt free.

For this new day, another chance to get it right, to do some good, or just to have some fun.

For forgiveness, I need to forgive more often and let go of grudges.

For the people in my life who inspire me to be/do better! For the people who are wise, non-judgemental, kind, happy, positive, and motivated.

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd '08

1. My will power to resist temptations.

2. Forgiveness (getting or giving it)

3. My bed, if only it weren’t so hard to get out of in the mornings

4. FitTv :) sometimes even when I’m not doing the workouts I still watch it, lol.

5. Kindness (again getting or giving it)

Monday, Dec. 1st '08

I’m grateful:

1. That God answers prayers, even when it’s not the answer I was hoping for.

2. For the life lessons I’ve learned so far.

3. For my dog Boomer, he rocks. I’ll put pictures of him on here someday.

4. That I have control over my life and I have the ability and will to make it a great one (all with God’s help and guidance).

5. For the good in people, I need to remember to look for the good more and remove the log from my own eye before worrying about the speck in someone else’s.

Wednesday, Nov. 26th

I’m grateful for/that:

1. The fact that I don’t have kids . . . but maybe someday I’ll change my mind.

2. My adorable nieces and nephews that are loads of energy and fun.

3. My boyfriend and our relationship!

4. I’m off work Thursday and Friday :)

5. My parents who are awesome people.

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