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do one hundred consecutive push-ups

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Plans got derailed when I went on a multi-day roadtrip in the middle of my last attempt. A friend tried hundredpushups.com and he said it was shite. I have plans to work on core body strength with a friend this summer, and I intend to make pushups part of that.



Started a couple of days ago. My shoulders are sore, but I’m on my way. If all goes according to the perfect plan (which it won’t), I’ll be done by the end of August.

Well, here goes.

The whole idea of getting more in shape is appealing, and yet I need a more definite goal than “get in better shape.” So here we go.

When I was doing physical therapy about ten years ago, I had to do twenty pushups a day, three times a day. That ended up being too much. But after only a week or so, I was getting pretty close. This will be hard, but I think I can do it.

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