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Some amazing things from the past couple of weeks

A few really wonderful things have happened to me since I’ve started trying to consider the universe to be working on my behalf:

1. I went to a lecture at a local university and was unable to find unrestricted parking. After driving around for 15 minutes, I gave up and parked in a restricted spot, got out of my car and found $80 cash. I literally stepped right on it. I waited around but no one came to claim it, and no one has put up a notice seeking it. Score one for terrierhead. Thanks universe!

2. I got back from a quick walk to get a sandwich to arrive right on time for a meeting that I’d noted wrong on my calendar. It really turned out to be a stroke of luck, and there’s no way that my timing could have been better.

3. My dog, Taffy Terrierhead, lost her tags on a walk, and someone anonymously put them on our porch. :-)

4. The weather has been relatively mild for January and I’ve been able to walk the Taff-ster without worrying about slipping on ice.


Trying to look at things differently

I’ve noticed that anger is a major motivating force for me. Instead of seeing it as a negative, I will try to see anger as my cue to do something different. For example, if I’m mad about a social condition, it’s my cue from the universe to make a difference rather than just to stew about it.

I’m going to have to learn more about pronoia.

A real challenge

This will be work for me. My philospophy so far has been more along the lines of the malicious universe.

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