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Identify 10 new ways for me to save money.

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Double coupon

If you’re going to be shopping for something, check online for a coupon. It doesn’t matter what it is, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get a paper coupon or a code that will get you a discount. If you’re going to Target or another large retailer, check the retailer’s website for a retailer-specific coupon. Most big-box stores will let you use a retailer coupon along with a manufacturer’s coupon.

#4. Don't have twins - and other tips for savings with babies

I’m just saying – there are no hand-me-downs, and you have to have some items in duplicate.

If you must have twins, look on craigslist for gently used baby stuff. Most baby equipment gets grown out of, not used up. Mr. Terrierhead and I have found some lovely chairs for the boys on craigslist. The chairs are in perfect condition but were less than half the price of new.

Resist the urge to dress your twins in identical clothing. Yes, it’s cute beyond words, but do you really need to buy doubles of their clothes?

Or, you could break those rules and help support a nice cause (HG awareness)

Making your own baby food is surprisingly easy and saves a ton of cash, especially if you already own a food processor. Those tiny jars of store food add up quick, and the homemade stuff tastes a lot better. Check out this link for helpful hints and recipes.

#3 Don't idly shop online

Don’t shop online unless there’s something you actually need and have decided to buy in advance. Buying something, even if it’s a great bargain, is not a good habit to get into to avoid boredom or alleviate stress.

This entry is thoroughly ripped off from Calypte. :-)

#2 - Clothing

Stock up on basic, neutral clothing items when they’re on sale. If you see a plain shirt that you know you’ll wear to death that’s 50% off, don’t just buy one. Buy three. Keep two of the shirts in the back of the closet, ready to use when the first one wears out. I keep a spreadsheet on my computer to remind me of what clothes are in “hiding” so I don’t buy more of things I’ve already got.

At first, this tip seem counterintuitive. After all, you want to save money, but I’m advising you to buy more of something than you need. Buying multiple items on sale will save you money though, not the least because it prevents “crisis” shopping when you stain a shirt or run out of socks, or whatever. Basic clothes – neutral shirts, plain jeans, socks, stockings, plain shoes (sandles, non-trendy sports shoes, loafers, etc.), underclothes – don’t go out of style and won’t go bad.

This is why I bought 40 pairs of hose earlier this week at Target. If any ladies (or gentlemen) out there have to wear them for work, you should know that Target’s discontinuing several brands of stockings, tights and pantyhose, and all of the brands they won’t carry any longer are 50-75% off right now. Get ‘em while they’re hot.

Other clothing tips:

Don’t buy clothes that need to be dry-cleaned, if you can help it. Dry-cleaning is bad for the environment as well as expensive. You’d be surprised what can be washed in the delicate cycle. The owner of a local bridal shop that rents dresses told me that she machine washes wedding dresses inside out, then hang-dries them. They’re just fine afterward.

Don’t be embarrassed to buy used clothing, especially if you want a trendy item. Thrift stores and consignment shops have great deals year-round. Be careful about used shoes, though.

#1 - Use the library

Ok, this one’s not new, really, but a lot of people don’t realize the range of items available free or at very low cost through the library. The Kansas City library offers new release DVDs for $1 for a 3-day check-out, which beats any video rental place in town and possibly even Netflix. New release CDs are also available. If what you want’s not in, you can place a hold for the item online and get it at the branch of your choice after a short wait.

I’ve been using the library like crazy for the past few years, because I’m a book junkie. Literally, the library has saved me hundreds of dollars on books, magazines and movies.

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