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re-design my website

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This was such a massive redesign that I ended up deleting the old site and uploading the new one fresh. Took forever, and there are still a few glitches to work out, but it’s great, and I’m SO glad it’s done!

2 more sections down

Got 2 more big sections down yesterday before work (I worked the night shift). The audio archive is loaded and working and one of the exhibits is done. Not as pretty as I’d like, but I needed that one done and I’d already completed all the research and put it in a neat little package for myself, so it took less time than I thought it would.

Still to do: all the captions in the web galleries, update the database, and check all the cross links.

That sounds like such little stuff, but it’s really not. Plus I need to set up the domain on a new server before uploading, since I’m changing hosts.

6 days until launch

. . . And I think I have about 8 days worth of work.

Got a big chunk done today, which is good, but the “to do” items left fall into 2 catergories:

1. Important to the “wow” factor
2. Detail work to ensure all the links are correct and it performs as required.

Oh, just little stuff. . .@@

One step forward, two steps back

The people I outsourced my banner to have disappeared.

I compiled my web galleries, but still need to enter all the captions. I also need to find some missing photos—I had almost 1,000, but the current web galleries only show 822. Not sure why.

I updated the graphics for the index page, so it’s looking like MY page now, instead of the template. Looks good.

I can’t figure out how to make the dwt out of a current web page. That’s going to be the only way to handle 70+ content pages.

Have to work tonight, so I can’t do much more today. At this point, I’m ready to take a break.


Set this as my personal challenge (since it has to be done by the end of the month anyway) and realized that I only have 14 days left. Aaaack!

I outsourced doing the header graphic—I suck at Photoshop (that’s one of my other, way down the list goals) and that has taken more time than expected.

I also had some other stuff come up that has just been sucking my time.

You just KNOW I’m going to be doing 12 hour days when it gets down to the wire. . .

Been dragging my feet

I’ve actually been in the process of completely redesigning my website, but I’ve been dragging my feet when it comes to just sitting down and slogging through. So I’ve made this my challenge for the month.

Launch date is set for July 31st.

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