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learn to enjoy running

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mmhmmm i <3 lax

hm lacrosse fall ball is coming up soon and I’m pretty sure the captains are going to kick our asses into shape this year.
I’m a sophomore and I know whats coming and I can’t let the incoming freshmen come in and kick my ass bc that would just dissapoint everyone.
I feel like I have huge shoes to fill this year I mean HUGE. The girl I’m supposed to be replacing (that is if I get my ass into gear) was Division three defender of the year. No worries right?

If I can convince myself before I get to school that I am capable of running long distance well then maybe I won’t have to be so stressed out about that and can actually concentrate on becoming the best defender I can be. Lets hope that is enough motivation for me.


i hate running.

today its cold and rainy and the boys team have priority in the gym because they have a CAC game tomorrow. bitches won’t even win bc their record sucks ass.

while we have a winning record and could use the freakin gym but no. we have to go outside. in the rain and cold. and practice.

i ran yesterday and it sucked. i will run today and it will suck more. this goal SUCKS.

this won't be easy

went running today on my own and it sucked.
big time.
i’ll consider this a “long-time” goal because its going to take me a looong time.

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