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Learn to say no

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is it selfish to just sometimes want to go into a middle of a room and yell WHAT ABOUT ME?


This is ridiculous. I can’t even say no to boys. I’m so afraid of just being honest with people. If I can’t say no I’ll just ignore their calls and such and they STILL won’t get the hint. Right now my best friends ex-boyfriend can’t keep his hands off me. Especially if hes been drinking. And I don’t wanna cause a scene and cause drama when I’m with all my friends chilling because hes my good friend too. And I’m afraid I’ll hurt his feelings. But at the same time he is putting me in a suuuch a bad situation. I hate this. And I’m sure to other people it sounds so easy, just tell him to stop, just pull him aside and kindly tell him your situation, just say no.

but thats the thing. I can’t.


this would be amazing.

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