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visit all seven continents


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I've made it to all 7, most more than once

I was born in USA, so that takes care of North America. I joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1968, the year after I graduated from High School. Late in 1969 I was stationed in Naples, Italy, where I lived until 1971. During this time I flew in Coast Guard C-123 cargo plane to Istanbul, Turkey and to Matratin, Lybia, so that was my first trip to Asia and Africa. In 1972 I went on a goodwill tour of the east coast of South America and through the Carribean. After I retired from the Coast Guard, I got my license as a Master Radio and Electronics Officer in the U.S. Merchant Marine, joining the American Radio Association trade union. From 1990 thru 1992 I worked in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emerates, Bahrain and passed through the Suez Canal 3 times. In 1993 thru 1994 I worked on a car carrier running from Japan to the U.S. east coast via the Panama Canal. In 1994 I circumnavigated the globe on M/V Sacramento, traveling from New Orleans to Oregon via the Panama Canal, then to Singapore for fuel, then to Sri Lanka with cargo, then to Pakistan with cargo, then to Turkey to load cargo via the Suez Canal, then to New Orleans via the Straits of Gibralter (taking care of Asia, Europe, Africa and South America all in one shot). In 1995 I worked on the M/V Green Wave carrying supplies to the Naval/National Science Foundation base at McMurdo Sound Antarctica via Littleton, New Zealand. While there, I took a ride to the South Pole on a C-130 (so that took care of Antarctica twice). From 1996 thru 1998 I worked in Kuwait on one of the U.S. re-flagged Kuwati tankers, the M/T Ocean City (renammed from the M/T Um Kasbah). We ran from Kuwait to Singapore, back to Kuwait then to Gove, Northern Territories, Australia. That put me “feet dry” on all seven continents AND circumnavigated the globe to boot!


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