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Attend my daughter's college graduation

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Plodding along...

My daughter finished up another year of school this past week- only three more years until she would be ready to start college. This year wasn’t quite as bad as last year (at least she didn’t fail any classes), but she’s still showing a disturbing lack of effort. All of her grades were C’s and D’s, even in her strongest subjects.

Things could still change, but I’m not holding my breath on being able to complete this goal :P


Today is my daughter’s last day of another year of school. Not just another year, but her last year of middle school- next year she will be a high schooler! Although I usually don’t have her on Wednesdays, I thought that we would do something a little special- maybe take her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant, or at least go get some ice cream. But yesterday I found out that she flunked one of her classes. I’m not sure if it was Math or Science- hell, it might even be both of them. I’m very disappointed in her. She has the ability to get A’s & B’s in all of her classes, and she had plenty of help available if she needed it. But she did her normal thing of only focusing on what she wants to do right now, without considering the consequences.

I certainly don’t want to reward her lack of effort, and right now I don’t even want to talk with her. What a great way to celebrate the end of the school year :/

Don't EVER

tell her that I posted about this here- but apparently my daughter is now physically a teenager as well as chronologically :P


She finished

her first year of middle school a couple weeks ago!

So we celebrated by sharing some delicious Oregon Blackberry frozen custard (our favorite flavor) at Good Times.

This year was a bit rough- she bounced back and forth between doing well and doing poorly. She ended up failing Math, so she has to do a summer online program to catch up. Thankfully right now she’s still interested in becoming a veterinarian so I can use that to stress the importance of Math :)

I forgot to mention it earlier,

but my daughter finished up 6th grade about a month and a half ago- the end of elementary school! She’s off to middle school in another month or so.

Here she is on her last day of school, with my son and granddaughter.

Big step!

Actually, a couple of big steps. She’s just finishing up 6th grade- on to middle school!

But more immediately- we had a conference with her teacher yesterday regarding her reading. She’s been on an IEP (Individualized Reading Plan) for several years because she was behind grade level. Usually by the end of the year she’s been close to grade level, but she hadn’t quite made it.

Not this time! The teacher said that she’s made great progress over this year and that she is firmly at grade level now. He and the IEP teacher both agree that she’s ready to be taken off the IEP.

Not only is that good news overall, but it’s especially important to her for next year because students with IEPs have that for one of their classes, so they miss out on an elective. Since she started band this year and wants to take both band and a foreign language next year, she needed that extra elective!

Now the challenge will be to keep her on track over the summer.

Another step

She completed 5th grade yesterday! :)

Since this one is

a long-term goal, I guess that I could mention some progress.

She’s completed 4th grade- on to 5th grade next month! ;)

In 2020?

I’ve got a while (she’s only 7) but since it looks like I won’t be attending my high-school dropout son’s college graduation…

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