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Work on my secret goal...with the help of other 43thingers!!!

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#24 November 20, 2013

24/43 = 55.8%

Three steps forward in four days- that’s my most rapid progress in years! And this was the last in another four-step year :)

So far I don’t have any definite plans for this goal for 2014, but it looks like I’ll probably be around Huntsville, Alabama in July and northwestern Washington state in August. Any 43ers I know in those areas (or between Denver and those areas, since both will likely be road trips) who would like to help me? PM me if you’d like details before you commit ;)

#23 November 19, 2013

23/43 = 53.5%

Another step in achieving this goal, just 3 days after the last one! :)

#22 November 16, 2013

22/43 = 51.1%

This one took me over the halfway point! And it’s the farthest I’ve ever traveled to complete a step on this goal. (I should note, though, that working on this goal is only a secondary objective when I meet up with 43ers).

Thanks, TD :)

#21 October 22, 2013

21/43 = 48.8%

Just a few days over a year since I last made any progress on this goal, but this was the start of a good run ;)

And so close to halfway completed at this point!

#20 October 19, 2012

20/43 = 46.5%

Probably my last step on this goal for 2012, but you never know…

And four in one year is the most progress I’ve made since 2007! :)

#19 October 14, 2012

19/43 = 44.2%

After only two in two years I’m really leaping forward this year! :)

#18 June 22, 2012

18/43 = 41.9%

Two steps forward in two days- I haven’t done that in a while!

Plus I’m caught up with posting on this goal for the first time in five and a half years :P

#17 June 21, 2012

17/43 = 39.5%

Hey, look- I’m into this year! ONE goal that I’m almost caught up with posting on ;)

#16 September 29, 2011

16/43 = 37.2%

I was helped with this one by a 43er who I’ve known almost as long as I’ve been on the site :)

#15 April 23, 2010

15/43 = 34.9%

My progress on this goal really slowed down after 2009- this one was my only one in 2010. Still, it was a very enjoyable step forward :)

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