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Visit the Great Lakes Brewing Co (and whatever else is interesting in Cleveland, OH)

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Another goal

that I gave up on because I was being surly ;)

This one goes back on the list.

I forgot to mention

that I have my tickets!

Feb 16 Fri
Depart Denver (DEN) at 8:30PM
Arrive in Chicago (Midway) (MDW) at 11:35PM

Feb 25 Sun
Depart Chicago (Midway) (MDW) at 9:00PM
Arrive in Denver (DEN) at 10:30PM

The plan is to spend a couple of these days in Cleveland :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

for a February, 2007 visit :)


great reason to visit this area- Tartsy lives here! ”Innocent on the outside with a chewy freaky center.” And caring, and witty, and supportive, and…

It’s beginning to look like a single visit to Cleveland isn’t going to be enough :)

Another place on my list

Cuyahoga Valley near Cleveland is one of the newest national parks, just designated in 2000.

A visit there is necessary to complete this goal.


Honesty tends to get me in trouble, but…

The main reason that Cleveland is now high on my priority list as a vacation destination.

One of my best friends, Surly.

I just added

Cleveland to my TripWatch locations on

One obvious choice

for a visit to Cleveland would be the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Seems like a “must see” attraction!

I learned

about the great beer made at Great Lakes Brewing Co from a coworker a few years ago. It isn’t available here in Denver, but I have family in the Midwest that I visit every year, so I pick some up every time that I’m out there.

One of my sisters has been to the brewery, but I never have. I think that it’s about time.

And since I’ve never been to Cleveland, I might as well see whatever else is interesting in that area. I already have a couple of things in mind ;) but I’m open to suggestions too.

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