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have six pack abs


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Some tips for those in search of the fountain of abs

I’m a chick…and I was able to get cut abs. Here’s what worked for me: As far as what to eat, read Bill Phillip’s ‘Body For Life’ – I read the book and started the diet, which wasn’t really a “diet” to me. I eat awesome food on this so-called diet. No rabbit food here and nobody is paying me to say this. The diet focuses on feeding your body for maximum muscle and it gives exercising guidelines. There is valuable info in the ‘Myths’ & ‘Q&A’ section. Check it out…more than worth the price of the book (or get it @ the library).

As far as exercises, old-fashioned crunches are the way to go. To ‘up’ the intensity, get a large exercise ball. I know guys…you’re probably afraid they look girly, but they WORK! I started using one of these and saw the best results yet with it. The resistance from flexibility cranked up my workout. Adding weights to your workout after you’ve developed enough strength will do the final “touch-up” to carving your abs rock hard.

Exercises will build your abs, but it’s the right diet and cardio that are going to SHOW your abs. You hit all three points and you’re going to do it! I wish you all the best of luck. I’m pregnant, now, but when this pregnancy is over, I am GETTING my six-pack abs back and I’ll be busting tail right here with everyone else.


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