the_obscure in Montreal is doing 16 things including…

play guitar more often

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the amp sounds killer. i think i’m going to call it the “box o’ hatred” henceforth.

i played twice in the past two weeks. not sure if i was procrastinating, but it sure was fun. i’ve really let my playing go. if i were taking it more seriously, the current state of my fingers would be frustrating. maybe i’ll practice regularly. i’ve been listening to some inspiringmusic lately.

p.s.: the first twelve seconds of this song are, quite simply, the fucking balls.

also-my apologies for linking to a myspace page. it won’t happen again.


a friend dropped off a guitar i had lent him. he’s had it for months now. i got it back, put it away, and didn’t even think to open the case and play it just a little.
my amplifier has apparently been nursed back to good health. it’s still in another city. i’m kind of looking forward to that awesome wall of sweet sweet destruction i haven’t heard in a while.
also, paying for repairs has drained my absinthe fund, digital camera fund, and new computer fund. add tuition and books to that, and it looks like those three things are going to have to wait a little while longer.


my parents just left to go back home. they took the head of my amplifier with them. i was checking it again just before taking it out to their car, and i really can’t tell if the speakers in the cab might be blown, or if it’s some of the tubes or something in the head. i tried different combinations of head/cab with another tiny amplifier i have here and i really couldn’t tell.

anyway, it feels weird to have it gone. there was something comforting about having it beside me in my “office”. i hope getting it back and knowing that i’ve got that killer tone again will be motivation.

also, a long lost friend called me on wednesday night. he lives in toronto. the last time i saw him, we discussed starting a band together. he gave me a cd of some recently written songs. that was almost two years ago. in retrospect, that was something i really should have explored. he can write a good song and is totally fucking crazy, so it would have been productive and fun. too bad i opted to let the woman in my life affect that decision. no regrets, though.

this is _not_ going to work

i just checked, and there are cobwebs on my guitar. i have it perched on its stand beside my desk, and decided to move it today. i don’t know how long it’s been since i last touched it, but it’s long enough for spiders or whatever makes cobwebs to make it their home.

my folks are visiting from out of town. as previously mentioned, i fried something in my amp the last time i played a few months ago. i don’t know who to ask about this sort of thing in montreal, but i know who i’d go to back home and that’s where my parents are going to be useful. they’re taking it home with them to have it repaired by the same guy who fixed it when i blew some tubes and stuff a few years back.
the only problem is how to get it back. i don’t know when they’re going to visit again, and it’s WAY too heavy to ship.

not bloody likely.

i don’t know why, but i’m just not into playing the guitar anymore. kind of a shame, because things were going really well before i just up and quit.

maybe it has something to do with realizing that my path is not going to include being a working musician. maybe it’s because my amp broke (i think the tubes are fried) the last time i played. maybe i’m just not inspired anymore.

i miss being onstage. i miss seeing people go nuts during a set. i miss that crunchy live sound. but, oddly, none of this is enough to get me to pick it up. and it’s sitting right beside me with all six strings as i write this. all i’d have to do is tune it.

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