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5 weeks and I'm there!!!

Hang out the flags, and shout it from the rootops – I have been following the programme for 5 weeks (today was the first day of my fifth week) and I just did the century!!
I only finished about two minutes ago and my arms hurt so much that I can barely type. But, as an overweight 43 year-old who has done very little exercise for rather too long, I oculdn’t wait to share my news.

Spoke too soon....

Well, it looks as though I spoke too soon. Middle day or my third week and it’s suddenly getting very hard (although my performance probably wasn’t helped by a game of tennis this afternoon). Overall, I am up to 117 (46 at the end of the programme) but I was really forcing them out.
So much for hitting 100 in three weeks, huh?


I am less than two weeks into the programme and I am already hitting 50 push-ups…and that’s after I have done a 20+ as part of the programme.
I am planning to do an exhaustion test this weekend and will be gunning for 100!!

Week 2.....

I wouldn’t have believed it but I am already able to do 40 good form push ups and it’s only day one of my second week….and that is after doing my daily routine as well.
I don’t want to get over confident but, at this rate, I’ll be up to 100 in about three or four weeks.

Day One...

Well, the funny thing is that, having done ten in my initial test, I then had another go, partly because I thought I might be able to squeeze a few more out, and ppartly because I kind like the burning sensation in my arms. And I managed 14!!
Of course, this means that I will probably be working even harder to maintain the prescribed level, but maybe I’m not as big a weakling as I thought.

let's get started....

OK, I have just done the initial test as recommended at one hundred push ups and, much to my surprise, I managed 10 (which is about five more than I expected).
However, while that is encouraging, my arms feel incredibly weak and the 10th push up was a struggle.
No-one said it was easy, no-one ever said it would be this hard….Chris Martin/Colplay


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